Have You Prepared for the Next Disaster?

Are you prepared for the next disaster? According to the FEMA site http://www.fema.gov/ there were sixteen Active Disaster states, as of the first day of september, the most recent being Mississippi and Louisiana. 

The website http://www.ready.gov/natural-disasters has a pictorial presentation of fourteen types of natural disaster. In the United States, we have experienced at least seven of these in the last few months. Have you prepared for the next disaster? Some are concerned that the current events are mere forerunners of disaster to come. I have been hearing rumblings about the Mayan calendar and the possible end-of-the-world in late 2012. When I think back, it seems like predictions of this sort have been occurring since the beginning of time. Today, we just have more ways to propagate these worries.

How can we strike a balance between proper preparation and the extreme? I would suggest that you first, do nothing that would not make sense under normal circumstances. Attempt to make a rational decision based on the best available information. 

Even if the disaster never occurs, some forms of preparation may make perfect sense. Some believe that any form of major disaster, as postulated around the Mayan calendar, would result in disruption of our primary food supply lines. Others have concerns that recent drought, fire and flood may have similar effects. Now, you could simply move yourself and loved ones out to the country where you could grow your own food, or you might consider a small greenhouse that could be added to your home or built upon your property. You might find yourself healthier and happier just for the effort. 

Other modern concerns revolve around the rising price of gasoline and other fuels. Personally, I gave up my last contract because I could no longer afford to pay the fuel bill. Did you know it was possible to convert a gasoline powered car to run off electricity? Of course then one would have to worry about the batteries and the electricity necessary to charge them. Fortunately there have been several advances in technologies over the last several years that can help reduce the costs and problems. 

Another modern concern is the rising cost of electricity. Did you know that it is possible to generate your own electricity and that, in certain areas; you can have the electric companies buy back any extra electricity that you may produce? 

“Where am I going with this?” You may ask? Well, thank you for asking. The Alternate Ways and Means section is devoted to these and other problems. The banner for the greenhouse business of one of our IBO Toolbox Associates is on this page. There are also banners for home electricity generation, gas to electric car conversion and a couple of other subjects you should discover for yourself. Yes, I know that some people consider banners to be a primitive technology but, I like them. Until I can achieve the next level of programming, this will just have to do.

At Nove-Noga, I will continue to expand on my efforts to locate worthwhile work opportunities and the ways and means to solve some of our modern problems. It is all based on a simple philosophy, “Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained.” 



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