IBOtipList: Your Banner Ads and Front Page Presentation

Message 2 From my ListWire Autoresponder  for the IBO Tip List.


IBOtipList: Your Banner Ads and Front Page Presentation
Good Morning,
IBO Spirit Tip: We are all here for business. If you are the only one pushing your message, it won’t go far. Many hands can make light work. By Reciprocity, we can spread our messages further. Comment, like and share to spread the word. Those you help are likely to help you grow.
Remember, Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained!
IBO User Tip: Presentation is very important to our business and branding efforts.
Your IBOsocial Front Page is often the first thing that people will see. Consider it a *Free Billboard that you can use to prepare prospects and visitors for what you have to offer. At the very least, you will want to post a nice introduction in place of the default greeting. The Front Page Editor is located in the EDIT PROFILE section under SITE NAVIGATION. It is the same kind of editor that we use for our Press Releases. I posted a new GIMP image on my Front Page and shortly thereafter found it in the Google Images listing below my Nove-Noga website.
*Free Means Free!
A GIMP Image for My IBO Front Page
Every visitor to our IBOsocial pages will see a 468×60 Banner Ad near the top of the page. If your Banner is not running there, you are giving away one of the most powerful advertising spots that you can control. With so many ways to earn free advertising credits, it is fairly easy to keep your own banner active. I have yet to buy any advertising credits from IBO Toolbox. On the other hand, when you earn your “Contributor” badge by purchasing credits, many of your advertising credit opportunities are doubled for the next thirty days. *NB: You earn and maintain  one IBO Star as long as you have or have had Active Banner or Text Advertising in the last 48 hours.*
Posting Your First Banner at IBO Toolbox V2.0
Suggested Tool:
ImgBox – Fast, Simple *Free Image Hosting
If you don’t have your own website or another place to host your images, this is an excellent *Free alternative.
*Free Means Free!
Recommended Associates and one of their PRs:
Jason Yost of SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting is a great example of the variety of Business People that use IBO Toolbox as a hub for their marketing efforts.
Indoor Environmental Factors Causing Disease
Warren Button has a unique view on life that is well worth checking out. While you are at it, you might want to review his *Free Discount Prescription Drug Card.
I’ll take ” Hurry up and Wait ” for Five Hundred, Alex!
Curtiss M.
MLMs and HYIPs
Aren’t for Everyone

© 8/4/2013


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