My name is Curtiss Martin. My business is Nove-Noga Enterprises. The Primary Website is www.Nove-Noga.com/ a place for people who DO.

Almost all my life I have been working for myself. A lot of times we just did not have the tools for the job at hand. That’s when we would go to the backyard and cobble something up from the parts at hand. We had the right to cobble things. We used to make and repair shoes.

 I am a computer programmer by nature. I once wrote an accounting system in basic rather than post everything by hand. It worked out well. I spent about the same amount of time writing it as it would have taken to do the work. Then I did the accounting in less than 8 hrs. Complete with income statements and balance sheets.

 As a teenager in West Virginia, I helped on the farm. We bought an old piece of strip mined land. We built our home from recycled building materials and poles we cut from the land itself. From construction to gardening and animal care, I had to learn to get the work done. I have worked as a janitor, dishwasher, shoe repairman, carnival ride operator, oil rig worker, light bulb salesman, carnival game operator, apartment complex manager, office manager, newspaper carrier and more. I have created leather products, canvas boat covers, pontoon boat enclosures, lighting projects, micro-chip controlled lighting projects, and whatever tool I needed for the project at hand. ‘Specialization is for insects.’

 I have been out of it for a while. I just started building my own website from scratch. Check it out at http://www.Nove-Noga.com/. Nove-Noga rhymes with Nova, as in exploding star therefore, it is pronounced NOva-NOga. Nove-Noga is short for ‘Nothing Ventured – Nothing Gained.’  This philosophy is embraced by one of the family mottos ‘Trying presupposes the possibility of failure. Don’t try, DO.’ At Nove-Noga we are working to bring together tools for those who DO.


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